Pastoral Care

During the time the girls will be at Legacy, they will be making the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

We appreciate and understand that a parent entrusting the care and education of their girls during this period is not to be taken lightly.

Health & Well-being 

There is a medical doctor and an in-house team of nurses skilled in the health of adolescent girls, to over-see the primary health of our students. She is supported by medical care from the Akuse General Hospital and Akosombo Hospital. Arrangements have been made for prompt attention at all times. 


Emotional Health 

The school’s counsellor and the housemistresses are available for the students’ holistic well-being and to lead a confident, fulfilled, and enjoyable life at school.



For a growing girl, nutritious meals are a necessity. Healthy eating is promoted as part of a normal daily diet and lifestyle. Girls are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for the meals. We ensure that the highest standards are maintained in the preparation and cooking of meals.



Legacy Girls’ College is built on solid Christian principles. Through the Methodist Church of Ghana, spiritual guidance is available for all students. 


Physical Education

A comprehensive physical education and sports programme has been put in place, complete with sporting equipment and lessons to ensure physical fitness. 


Achievers Day

A mentorship programme dubbed ‘Achievers Day’ comes off every term and offers students the opportunity to spend time with accomplished and experienced women from varied backgrounds and industries. This programme challenges the students to aim higher as leaders in today’s world.